Software for the management of data about air, water, noise, soil and waste


EcoGestor Controles is a tool pioneer in the management of environmental data by means of a computer solution developed by EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores.

What is EcoGestor Controles?

The environmental control of industrial activities involves the management of a high number of environmental data, whose correct handling provides a general approach to the state of the centre about legal compliance and helps detect the most critical points that may require specific actions.

EcoGestor Controles is an advanced software solution to collect and store data from the controls and analyses performed in different fields, with the purposes of writing reports aboutscopes, parameters, sources or control points, EPRTR reports; analysing trendsin the values; or linking it to other services in the application (environmental aspects).

Automatize all your processes

Our software enables the automatization of processes:

  • It includes data related to control points andlegal limits.
  • It collects information about automatic
  • It registers all the control results (emissions, inmissions, water, noise, waste, polluted soil), graphically displaying the evaluation of legal compliance.
  • It files and classifies all the environmental reports ordered by scope and year.
  • Automatic writing of theeprtr reportand periodic reports.
  • It includes the data about consumptions of raw materials, fuel and other resources and products.
  • Planning of measures and controls to be performed, with an alert system.
  • It can be integrated withecogestor gestión for the evaluation of environmental aspects.

Advantages of EcoGestor Controles

With the tool Ecogestor Controles, you will optimize the time spent in the management and analysis related to the Environmental Monitoring. These are its main characteristics:


Available through the internet 24x7x365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Saas technology (software as a service). It does not require the installation of external components.


Software adapted to three languages so that it can be used by companies from other countries.


It registers and analyses the monitoring and measuring of the environmental vectors available.


Quick and easy searches, filters, drawing of statistics and reports about the data registered.


It can be adapted to legal requirements.


Software based on the language environmental electronic exchange language (e3l).


Envira ingenierosasesoresguarantees a high-quality technical support, with extensive experience in the control, monitoring and communication of environmental data.

Additional services of EcoGestor Controles

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has been accredited by ENAC as Inspection Body and Testing Laboratory. This enables us to work in all the areas of the Environment and thus to provide a complete service of Environmental Monitoring to the organizations:

Testing Laboratory

Analysis of several environmental matrices (water, air, waste, soil, biota, oil). Management of packages for samples, sending and collecting them where requested by the client.

Environmental Inspection

Accredited inspections in all environmental areas, performed by technicians with extensive experience and a high level of specialization in each field.

Environmental Services

Implementation of advanced environmental solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution emissions, perform studies on water cycle and carbon footprint, studies on modelling and risk assessment.

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Other online solutions

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Software for the control and monitoring of indicators, displaying the evolution in time with numbers and graphics, including the calculation of statistics.

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