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Ecogestor Business Intelligence

Software for the control and monitoring of indicators, displaying the evolution in time with numbers and graphics, including the calculation of statistics.

Ecogestor Business Intelligence

EcoGestor Inteligencia de Negocio is an online service to control and monitor indicators, both indicators created by the client and indicators automatically calculated by the system from variables.

What is EcoGestorBusiness Intelligence?

Organizations work with a very high volume of data, so they need a specific software solution to change all the data into information and the information into knowledge in order to make the decision-making processeasier and based on objective criteria.

The software EcoGestor allows to set up as many indicators as necessary and see the graphical evolution in time of the indicators and the calculations made. You can also set up dashboards based on the indicators and control whether the objective values are achieved in each case, as well as control the monitoring performed during a period of time.

How does Ecogestor Business Intelligence work?

With Ecogestor you can collect data (both internal and external to the application) to have a deeper understanding of the company workings now and anticipate future events.

The data are changed into “indicators”:internal (created by the client) or automatically calculated by the system from variables. These indicators can be seen with graphics to analyse their evolution in time and predict future actions.

With the indicators, you can set up dashboards and control whether the objective values are achieved in each case, as well as control the monitoring actions carried out in time. The indicators can be created from variables included in the platform recording data, or can be created by the client.

The tools included in Ecogestor Business Intelligence:

  • Setting of variables. It records information from other modules of ecogestor by means of general variables or indicators included by the clients.
  • Indicators. Establishing indicators based on the variables set. Monitoring, queries and comparison between indicators from different centres can be made.
  • Dashboards. It creates dashboards with several pre-set indicators, displaying their advance in tables and recording the monitoring.
  • Display (graphics, dashboard, table).different formats for the display of data: tables, graphics, dashboard. You can see at any moment, in a graphical an intuitive way, the state of the indicators about the objective to be achieved.
  • Calculation of have not only data about the evolution in time of the indicators but also statistical data.
  • Automatic calculation of variables and general indicators. Catalogueof automatic variables, whose values are automatically calculated by the system from the data inserted in other modules of ecogestor.
  • Files. Possibility to include attached documents with files and/or with the company’s urls, which makes it easier to monitor the indicators or dashboards.
  • People responsible. It identifies, in each indicator card or dashboard, the user in charge of the monitor or dashboard.

Know in real time the behaviour of your indicators

A deep knowledge about the behaviour of your indicators in time is essential in business strategies to increase your productivity and competitiveness. Today there are so many data and indicators that it is essential to have a good software solution to help you interpret all these data and help in decision-making.

Advantages of EcoGestor Inteligencia de Negocio

With the Ecogestor Inteligencia de Negocio, you will have the technical support of our consultants, who will help you achieve itsfull potential. The main characteristics of the service are:


Available through the internet 24x7x365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Saas technology (software as a service). It does not require the installation of external components.


The person in charge of the indicators can be informed about their evolution at any time.


Safe servers to ensure the confidentiality of data


Graphic display of all the data analysed.


Software adapted to three languages so that it can be used by companies from other countries.


You can take "photos" of the state of the indicators at a certain date and they can be recorded as monitoring in the dashboard.


All the help needed to implement the software.

Additional service of Ecogestor Inteligencia de Negocio

When you purchase the service Ecogestor Inteligencia de Negocio, you will have several additional services:

Complete setting-up of variables, indicators and dashboards

In order tospeed up the control of this maintenance, the technicians in EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores can fulfil the implantation of the software, depending on the previous requirements of each organization.

Training in the handling the application EcoGestor

Advanced "on-site" tailored trainings about the handling of the application. Although the handling of the software is very intuitive, sometimes our clients want to optimize the tool and are thankful to receive training in their own settings.

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