On-board pollution measurement

The nanoenvi® URVAMM monitors pollutants, with the special feature that it can be placed on-board public service vehicles.

Our URVAMM system is a mobile air quality monitor, designed to be installed in public service vehicles, such as urban buses, garbage trucks, personal vehicles and monitor urban pollutants across the city.

Using these system you can identify hot spots of pollution and design and validate traffic strategies that can reduce the impact of the emmision of vehicles on the air quality.

UrVAMM can be connected to efficient driving systems to create a high performance system.

Data communication with cloud or smart cities systems it´s guaranteed using 3G communications.

The system is fully aligned with the new paradigm opened by the smartcity concept complying with secure, private, open and friendly data available for citizens and stakeholders.

Advantages and applications

On-board equipment that can monitor pollutants in those towns, suburbs or areas in big cities that do not have permanent measuring stations

Easily integrated with efficient driving systems

Interconnectivity with cloud networks and systems (data storage, management and display)


The nanoenvi® URVAMM system has communication modules for:

3G Connectivity


GPRS Connectivity


Ethernet Connectivity


Cloud communications


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