Water treatment plants

Foul odours in water treatment plants are related to the generation and treatment of solid waste such as biological or chemical sludge, waste water and the decay of organic matter inside the treatment plant.

Odour treatment and control in these plants has become a very important question due to the increasing population, the appearance of many treatment plants and their proximity to residential areas.

One of the compounds that most contributes to creating foul odours is the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) naturally produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic matter, which is very frequently found in drainage and in water and sludge treatment plants.

In many cases treatment plants are surrounded by other industrial activities, so it is essential for the plant manager to know the origin and the ambient concentration of this pollutant.

The NANOENVI H2S analyzer has been specially designed for this kind of application. The instruments are located inside the area of the installation and are connected in real time to the plant control, where the operator can see the data and act accordingly if the level of H2S rises above a certain level.