System Integrated in Public Vehicles for Urban Environmental Monitoring

Posted on 05/01/2016

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Ref ID/2013/000024


(Red Eranet)

Gobierno del Principado de Asturias


Ref. TSI-100502-2013-36

UrVAMM is a revolutionary system for environmental-urban monitoring in the next smart cities scenario. UrVAMM is constructing a new technology to be integrated in professional fleets of vehicles such as urban buses, garbage trucks, personal vehicles, etc. Based on the combination of two well-established technologies from Ingenieros Asesores and ADN Mobile Solutions.

UrVAMM has two key objectives: a) to complement air quality monitoring in cities and b) reduction of emissions by efficient driving actions.

UrVAMM is fully aligned with the new paradigm opened by the smartcity concept complying with secure, private, open and friendly data available for citizens and stakeholders. UrVAMM goes beyond the current state of art in air quality monitoring due to its innovative integration in service vehicles and its indicators in efficient driving. UrVAMM is being designed and tested under government funding and the collaboration of Gijón and Valencia bus fleets and councils.

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