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Companies and public administrations need to be sure that the results of their automatic measuring systems are accurate, because that data is used for key activities such as controlling process variables, ensuring the quality or safety of their products, processes or services, or collecting the data needed for analysis and decision-making.

The Calibration Laboratory at ENVIRA Sostenible has been accredited by ENAC, according to the criteria established in the Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and in the document CGA-ENAC-LEC, for calibration in the following areas: Chemistry – Gas Concentration. Accreditation no. 163/LC10.117. The validity of this accreditation can be verified in the ENAC catalogue ENVIRA Sostenible has been accredited by ENAC for the calibration of ambient air analyzers (SO2, NO, NO2, CO, SH2, O3 and benzene), in both permanent and on-site installations.

Advantages of our services

ENAC, with a team of highly specialized technical auditors, periodically performs thorough evaluations of the calibration laboratory at ENVIRA Sostenible, which include calibrations before the auditing team and verifying all the factors that contribute to the reliability of the results obtained in our laboratory.

Qualified and highly experienced personnel.

Maximum accuracy in calibrations.

Appropriate equipment and infrastructures.

Guarantee of the traceability of calibrations to national or international standards.

Application of appropriate working/calibration methods and procedures.

Issue of clear and accurate reports.

Quality assurance system to manage the activity.

Areas of specialization

Envira Sostenible specializes in all aspects of environmental control, having developed various components to satisfy any demand in this field, from the simplest sensor to the most complex integral control system, covering the following areas of specialization:

Some of our supplies

We are representatives and distributors of some of the biggest brands in the market.

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