Software for Big Data analysis of environmental parameters

Software for Big Data analysis of environmental parameters. This service gives the user a series of simple and totally configurable dashboards, not only for environmental information but also for their interrelation with any other kind of information available to the user.

All the power of Big Data in a tool specifically designed for handling environmental data.

Besides, the alert system of this software gives the user real-time information about the state of the network.

Advantages of the EBA solution


Integration of data from several sources (queries to SQL databases, plain text files, online data, etc)

Deseasonalization and temporary segmentation of historical data series

Analysis of deseasonalized global trends of pollutants

Analysis of typical days, day and night patterns of pollutants, seasonal evolution, etc

Statistical summaries of the complete historical series

Identification of pollution sources

Analysis of pollution sources by combining other parameters (weather, process, actions, epidemiology, etc)

Continuous monitoring, recounts and programming of alerts and surpasses

Control of the compliance with the environmental control measures or control of the industries and infrastructures

Display in one platform, by means of graphics and images, of the interrelation between pollutants and different data from the weather, the traffic or other sources (airports or industries)

Drawing up of both regular and one-off reports and announcements for many receivers before the request for information is made


The data helping us to interpret environmental information may have very different origins and formats, which are selected according to their time range and geographical origin. EBA analyzes the properties of the data and it changes and integrates them into compatible formats.

EBA is an analytical cloud platform for the self-consumption of data. Its aim is continuous analysis and the communication to multiple receivers.

The new technologies make the access to information increasingly easy. The challenge for the environmental entities now is the creation of a framework integrating all the available information and acting as a platform for dialogue.

Environmental information and its calculations are complex and very often difficult to interpret. With EBA, leadership in this field can be achieved and a channel can be created for an evidence-based study and the accurate interpretation of the available data.

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