A Scada system adapted to the management and control of environmental networks

The ENVIRA DS software is a Scada system adapted to the management and control of environmental networks.

ENVIRA DS receives information or acquires it from other systems by means of connecting modules; it stores that information and allows the user to access and use it in a web environment.

It is developed in JAVA and can be installed both on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Advantages of ENVIRA DS - WEB

Alert management by means of e-mails, etc

Web display environment through dashboards

Communication with other systems

Statistical calculations on immission according to current regulations


ENVIRA Sostenible provides its clients with a global ENVIRA DS service. This option gives the final user an integral service for the management of the whole network.

  • Communications from the remote station or acquisition point to the control centre.
  • Administration of the control centre. We supply a cloud system that can be accessed by the final client and by the people responsible for the operation of the network.
  • All the data is stored in the cloud and can be downloaded to local devices by means of data export tools.
  • Access to the information through remote desktops or websites.
  • Web service providing access to data in other applications, such as applications for mobile devices.

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