Environmental Consulting

Verifications of Legal Compliance

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores carries out verifications of legal compliance in the areas of the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores offers the possibility to performthis kind of actions at the client's installation. We have extensive experience in this type of work, having fulfilled verifications of legal compliancefor a wide variety of sectors such as Power Supply Generation and Distribution,Automotive, Pharmacy, Food, Natural Gas Shipping/Distribution, etc.

What are verifications of legal compliance?

The objective of the verifications is to assess thepractices, controls and registrationsin accordance with the applicable regulations and to issue a declaration about the state of legal compliance.

The verification includes a check-list of the legal obligations, periodic or not, which are applicable to the centre from the point of view of ISO 14.001 and/or OHSAS 18.001and which the centre must comply withfor an established period of verification.

The verifications reach all the legal scopes affecting the activities developed in the centres: the European Union, Spain, the Autonomous Communities, the Provinces and the Local Councils (including associations of local councils if applicable).

Which parts are verified in this kind of actions?

An expert consultant from EUROFINS ENVIRA INGENIEROS ASESORES will make a documental revision of all the regulations applicable to that company in order to discover the level of fulfilment of the legal requirements affecting the organization assessed.

After that, a visual inspection will take place by means of a visit to the installation. Field evidences will be collected (although those could also be collected during all the process of the verification).

This task will take place following these steps:

  • Establishment of the criteria for the verification.
  • Revision and preparation of the obligations applicable to each centre.
  • Fulfilment of the verification at each centre using the application EcoGestor Legislación (EcoGestor Legislation).
  • Drawing a report. After the verification, the staff from NetEnvira will issue and send the report via e-mail to the people appointed by the assessed company.

Audit Mobile Web

Since the beginnings of this year there is a mobile web app to perform audits. The clients can register their own legal verifications (both environmental and occupational health and safety ones) from their smartphones while visiting the plant, taking photographs, collecting evidences and registers and uploading them from the mobile, without using computers.


Environmental Laboratory

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has its own environmental laboratory, equipped with the latest technological advances for analysing all kind of environmental matrices


Environmental Control

The Department of Environmental Control develops several quality services in different environmental fields.


Environmental Consulting

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores gives advanced consulting services on environment, occupational health & safety, quality and industrial maintenance

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