Environmental Control

We develop quality services in several environmental areas

Environmental Control develops its service by means of a multidisciplinary team of people with extensive experience in different environmental areas. Our purpose is to provide quality services for the compliance of environmental requirements and the optimization of resources and processes.


We have been accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for the determination of several emission pollutants and for the calibration of automatic measurement systems in accordance with the Standard UNE EN 14181 (NGC2 y EAS).

We have a technical team of experts in Air Emissions Modelling who perform dispersion assessments with a Lagrangian moving model of Gaussian puff (CALPUFF) assembled to a weather data processor (CALMET).

In this field, we also carry out controls of inmissions of several pollutants, including the study of the composition and contribution of sources to the inmission levels.


We are experts in sampling and analysis of wastewater, surface, marine and underground water, and we have been accredited by ENAC for conformity evaluations in accordance with the Protocols for Wastewater Discharge of the Ministry of the Environment.

We have an area specialized in Assessments of Water Cycle and Energy Optimization related to the consumption of water.


We have been accredited by ENAC as Acoustics Laboratory for measuring environmental noise in activities.

In the acoustic area, we carry out noise modelling with the software for the Calculation and Prediction of Environmental Noise (Predictor Standard TYPE 7810G), which includes different calculation methods that comply with environmental legal regulations (Royal Decree 1315/2005, Royal Decree 1367/2007).

Soil and waste

We have been accredited by ENAC for the design and execution of quality assessments of soil related to potentially polluting activities, installations or actions; and for writing base reports, reports on the monitoring and control of remediation, and reports on the verification and certification of remediation.

We have specific software for soil/underground water pollution modelling and risk assessment, the programme RBCA TOOL KIT for Chemical Releases. For other purposes, we use the underground flow model MODFLOW (McDonald & Harbaugh, 1988[1]; McDonald et al., 1991).

Last, we have been accredited by ENAC for waste characterisation according to composition, presence, behaviour and toxicological effects. Operations of recovery/removal and classification of hazardous/non-hazardous waste: assignation of EWC codes.

Our Services


Environmental Laboratory

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has its own environmental laboratory, equipped with the latest technological advances for analysing all kind of environmental matrices


Environmental Consulting

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores gives advanced consulting services on environment, occupational health & safety, quality and industrial maintenance

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