Environmental Consulting

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores gives advanced consulting services on environment, occupational health & safety, quality and industrial maintenance

We develop consulting services carried out by multidisciplinary teams specialized in different areas of the environment, occupational health & safety, quality and industrial maintenance. Our consulting includes both a more traditional method, devoted to write environmental documents or reports and projects to apply for several authorizations, and a much more advanced method: modelling of emissions, noise and groundwater, the optimization and saving in processes and consumptions, or revising documentation for the coordination of business activities.

Environmental Consulting in Urban and Industrial Areas

  • Assessment of environmental impact
  • Environmental integrated authorization
  • Environmental and energy efficiency indicators
  • Environmental monitoring plans for building works and industrial installations
  • Environmental communication

Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Services (LCA)

  • Definition of LCA, scope and objective
  • Analysis of life cycle inventory
  • Assessment of life cycle impact
  • Interpretation of LCA results

The Life Cycle Analysis allows to identify the main impacts, to analyse alternatives in productive processes and to implement environmental criteria in the strategies.

We have specific software for the determination of LCA: software SIMAPRO 8.0, one of the most renowned Life Cycle Analysis programmes,which applies, among others, the methods ReCiPe and CLM 2 Baseline 2000 to assess the life cycle.


Assessments of Carbon Footprint

  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint
  • Assessments of Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • Identification and Calculation of GHG emissions
  • Design of plans for the monitoring of GHG emissions
  • Consulting for the compliance of regulations about GHG emissions

Environmental Responsibility: Risk Assessments and Environmental Damage

  • Determination of environmental damage
  • Projects of remedial actions
  • Monitoring of projects of remedial actions

Water footprint

StandardISO 14046:2014Water footprint. Its aim is to reach an integral view of the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of an activity in the water cycle, based on the life cycle analysis (comings in and out, environmental impacts of a product since the raw materials until the end of its life), considering the consumption of water and the return to the wild with polluting charges.

In relation to water, the calculation of water footprint helps to assess the impacts related to water, to identify opportunities for the reduction of impacts, to perform a strategic management of the risks, to increase water efficiency and to optimize water management in products, processes and organization.

Assessment of Air Quality Modelling

Disponemos de software de Cálculo y Predicción de Emisiones y Calidad del Aire (CALPUFF) acoplado con un procesador de datos meteorológicos (CALMET), que procesa datos topográficos (elevaciones) y de usos del suelo para procesar la información meteorológica de la zona de estudio y generar los campos de viento y temperatura en una malla tridimensional, además de otros parámetros relacionados con la dispersión que incorpora diferentes métodos de cálculo. CALMET-CALPUFF es un modelo aprobado por la Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente de los EEUU (US EPA).


  • Assessment of air quality in a pre-operational situation, previously to the implantation of an activity in an area.
  • Assessment of the emissions and air quality during the performance of an installation.
  • Identification of emission sources, potential problems and planning of corrective emissions.
  • Delimitation of sensitive areas and polluted areas in land planning.
  • Proposal and previous analysis of corrective measures.
  • Preparing inventories of emissions.
  • Drawing action plans.

Assessment of noise levels

We use the software Calculation and Prediction of Environmental Noise (Predictor Standard TYPE 7810G), which includes different calculation methods that comply with the environmental noise regulations (RD 1315/2005, RD 1367/2007).


  • Assessment of environmental noise in a pre-operational situation, previously to the implantation of an activity in an area.
  • Assessment of the environmental noise during the performance of an installation: positioning of emission sources, drawing of isophonic line maps.
  • Identification of noise sources, potential problems and planning of corrective emissions.
  • Delimitation of acoustic areas in land planning.
  • Drawing strategic noise maps for those towns/villages within the scope of application of the RD 1513/2005.
  • Proposal and previous analysis of corrective measures.

Assessment of modelling of soil and groundwater pollution

For the modelling of the pollution of soil/groundwater and risk analysis we use specific software, called RBCA TOOL KIT for Chemical Releases, version 2.6 e) 2009 (Groundwater Services Inc.).It is based on the RCBA methodological guide by standard E 2081 – 00 “Standard Guide for Risk-based Corrective Action” (April 10th, 2000), published in November 2000 and originally published as PS 104-98.

For other objectives, the underground flow modelMODFLOW (McDonald y Harbaugh, 1988[1]; McDonald et al., 1991) has been used. This model solves the underground flow equation in partial derivatives by means of finite differences in a three-dimensional porous medium. It is more complex to use than RBCA and needs a greater knowledge about the medium.


  • Identification of potential sources of pollution.
  • Identification of migration routes.
  • Analysis of possible transport routes.
  • Delimitation of the magnitude of pollution events.
  • Help in decision making and action plans.
  • Help in decision making about the management of water resources.

Social Accountability and the Environment

  • Design and implementation of Strategies of Social Accountability.
  • Identification, Calculation and Reduction of Ecological Footprint: products and services.
  • Definition and control of environmental indicators.
  • Drawing Environmental Sustainability Reports.
  • Design and implementation of Action Plans.
  • “Green” communication: design and development of Environmental Communication and Marketing Programmes.
  • Training in good environmental practices.

Energy Efficiency

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores performs energy audits for industrial installations based on Royal Decree 56/2016,of February 12, transposing directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2012, on energy efficiency, as regards energy audits, accreditation of service suppliers and energy auditors, and the promotion of efficiency in the supply of energy.

Our staff has been qualified as energy auditors in the industrial sector by the Centre for Registrations and Certifications of People(CERPER),a professionals’certification body from the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC).

Besides the energy audits for those companies required to do them by law, EUROFINS ENVIRA IngenierosAsesores also undertakes specific Studies on Energy Efficiency and the Design of Indicators and Monitoring Plans.

Studies on the environmental and energy optimization of the water cycle

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores performs studies on the optimization of energy consumption in the water cycle. We use specific software, both widely implanted programmes (WEST water treatment plants, PipeFlow for fluid systems) and our own optimization software (EDAROptimiza).

The studies on water cycle help to reduce the consumption and the pollutant load and to improvethe process of water treatment, increasing its efficiency. We also take corrective measures to achieve energy optimization in the use of water (efficiency in pumping, aerobic sewage systems, etc.).

EDAR Optimiza

EDAR Optimiza is an innovative energy efficiency tool developed by the innovation area of the Department of Environmental Control of EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores.


The serviceEDARO ptimiza includes:

  • Identification of the points in a water treatment plant (WTP) where it is possible to implement energy saving measures, maintaining or even improving the quality of the water treated.
  • Jointed modellization of the energy behaviour and the performance of the treatment process. It is the only tool to do so in the field of WTP’s energy efficiency.
  • It improvesenergy saving and the performance in the biological process.


The tool EDAR Optimiza offers different levels of service:

  • Preliminary analysis: this service includes a salesand technical visit to do checks and tests, together with a technical-economic assessment of possible improvements for the plant.
  • Implementation of EDAR Optimiza: it includes field work (collection of experimental data), modellization of EDAR Optimiza, final proposal for improvements together with all the proposals for optimization and quantification of the saving that would be achieved.

Our Services


Environmental Laboratory

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has its own environmental laboratory, equipped with the latest technological advances for analysing all kind of environmental matrices


Environmental Control

The Department of Environmental Control develops several quality services in different environmental fields.

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