Environmental Management & Prevention of occupational hazard



Online solutions to manage the legislation on environment and occupational health & safety,needed for ISO 14001, EMASand OHSAS 18001 systems

Herramientas online para la identificación, actualización y gestión de la legislación aplicable en una organización a través de un sencillo cuestionario válido para certificaciones ISO 14001, EMAS, y OHSAS 18001.

How does EcoNormas work?

EcoNormas is an online product based on a simple automatic questionnaire, a list of questions to determine the environmental and/or occupational health & safety legislation applicable to an organization. It is the user who fills in the questionnaire and the lists of applicable legislation and legal obligations are immediately generated.

The questionnaire is constantly updated with the publication of new regulations, which may involve the modification of the legal requirements or the addition of new ones.

EcoNormas clearly identifies the legal requirements that the client must comply with, by means of obligations. An obligation is a legal requirement clearly and briefly written, which determines,in a practical way, what the organization must do in order to comply with its legal requirements. These requirements are an essential part of the management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 or other management systems).

The regulations included in the database are analysed by expert consultants, who update EcoNormas, modifying the obligations or writing new ones, within 30 days since the publication in the official journal.

How to do the verification of legal compliance?

With EcoNormas, organizations can establish, implement and maintain a process to evaluate the compliance of their legal requirements.

The verification may be easily done by means of “reports”, where each report collects all the obligations applicable to a centre or just the obligations from a certain area(ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, waste, regulations of installations, etc.). These reports will be the evidence of the results of the evaluation of legal compliance.

During the verification, you can check the history list of obligations in previous reports and the calendar. This speeds the process of filling in the report and helps to know the evolution of compliance over time.

Valid for standardsISO 14001, EMASand OHSAS 18001

With the verification of EcoNormas, you can fulfil the sections of Management Systems ISO 14001, EMAS and OHSAS 18001about the compliance with legal requirements.

The identification, updating and verification of legal compliance for the implantation of environmental and/or occupational health and safety management systems entails a high cost. This cost is very much reduced with EcoNormas, because the clients, with a minimum price, purchase all the tools needed to comply with these systems and keep themselves always updated.


Advantages of EcoNormas


Constant updating of legal requirements, 24x7x365 access.


It speeds the verification of legal compliance.


All the information available online.


It reduces the time to interpret the laws (the obligations are clear and brief).


Calendar linked to a taskssystem.


E-mail alerts of new legislation.

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