Ecogestor Management

Software to improve the productivity of the time devoted to the maintenance of management systems, and involving all the organization

Ecogestor Management

EcoGestor Gestión enables the implantation and monitoring of systems without printing the information on paper.

What is EcoGestor Gestión?

Handling the environmental management systems with just one tool ensures the continuous improvement of all the processes.

The software EcoGestor Gestión will automatically send all the alerts related to objectives, targets and programmes, training, communication, emergencies and evaluation of aspects, listing all incidents in a final report called “Revision by the Head Management”.

Reduce costs in systems maintenance

With EcoGestor Gestión, data will be interrelated and reports will be automatically calculated from those data, thus achieving a reductionof the costs of systems maintenance. EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores will assign you an expert consultant to optimize the implementation of the application in your organization. This is a summary of the options provided by this service:

  • Environmental aspects. Identification of the environmental aspects of the organization and evaluation based on the criteria established by the organization. This tool is connected to the data from the control of waste, consumption, production and environmental monitoring.
  • Training. Handling the training plans and courses in the organization. The tool includes, among other options, sending e-mail calls to the participants, registering the training action and the certificates.
  • Communication. Registration and handling of the internal and external communications received. The client can establish a classification and decide whether they require an answer or not. All the management of the communications is made through users in charge of this task.
  • Emergencies. Planning, registration and management of real and/or potential emergencies, as well as all the tasks arising from the emergency.
  • Revision by the head management.automatic “summary” reports where the conclusions about the management systems of one or several centres are added. You can even establish the compulsory online approval of the document by the head management of the organization.
  • Objectives, targets and programmes. A dashboard of objectives can be set and managed by the assignation of users in charge of the targets and related tasks. It shows the state of progress of each one and is complemented with e-mail expiration alerts.

Software for the control of related documents: EcoGestor Documentación (Documentation)

Together with the application EcoGestor Gestión,the software Documentación can also be purchased to manage, distribute and sign the documents related to the management system.

This service for the management and distribution of the documentation from the documental systems includes an e-mail alert system, which allows the organizations the online reading and handling of the documents related to their management systems, no matter whether they are intended for the compliance of certifiable standards or not. It also allows the client to:

Functions of EcoGestor Documentación

  • Customize the service. It can be completely adapted to the structure of the company, centre or business unit.
  • Organize the documentation and speed the management of documents by means of signature flows and the assignation of user permissions.
  • Online validation of documents
  • Control of versions
  • Access roles: different user profiles can be established depending on the permissions:reading or writing.

The settings of the centres will be established by technical consultants who can be contacted by the clients about the handling and workings of the software at any moment.

Advantages of EcoGestor Gestión

Thanks to the tool EcoGestor Gestión, you will reduce the costs of the systems maintenance, as it allows implantation and monitoring without printing the information on paper. These are its main characteristics:


Available through the internet 24x7x365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Saas technology (software as a service). It does not require the installation of external components.


Each person receives the tasks that he/she must execute related to the objectives, emergencies, training, etc., and alsothe revision by the head management.


All the help needed to implement the software


Toda la ayuda necesaria para implementar el software de forma óptima.


All systems integrated in one application.


Software adapted to speed the systematic evaluation of environmental aspects.


All the evolution included in the application during a certain period is collected and a summary of the data is created, with the option of adding comments.

Additional services of Ecogestor Gestión

EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has more than 30 years' experience in the implementation and integration of management systems in accordance with the standards ISO ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. Together with the tool, we offer several additional services to improve the usefulness of the service:

Internal management audits

Expert consultants fulfil the internal audits required by the main management systems, including the verification of legal compliance, and guaranteeing that you are prepared for the certification audit.

Environmental diagnoses

Customized analyses where the procedures and the structure of an organization are revised, as well as the installations, environmental aspects and environmental legal compliance.

Training in the handling the application EcoGestor

Advanced "on-site" tailored trainings about the handling of the application. Although the handling of the software is very intuitive, sometimes our clients want to optimize the tool and are thankful to receive training in their own settings.

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