EcoGestor GMAO

CMMS solution for asset management, preventive and corrective maintenance operations of industrial facilities.

EcoGestor GMAO

EcoGestor GMAO is a CMMS solution through advanced software for the management of all aspects related to the preventive and corrective maintenance of assets and facilities.

What is EcoGestor GMAO?

EcoGestor GMAO is an advanced CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software-System) tool that allows the daily management of assets and installations of any maintenance department, with different display formats for the operations (calendars, timesheet, lists). During the hiring period, EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores makes available to the client an online technical support with the assignment of a personal technician in charge of advising and solving any questions about the service management.

If you want to have your legal ranges always updated, EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has extensive experience in the legal field and, especially, in the industrial sector, in the implementation and maintenance of all routines and preventive ranges that derive from industrial regulations (high voltage, pressure equipment, fire protection regulations, chemical storage, etc.).

Thanks to the CMMS EcoGestor GMAO solution, maintenance costs are optimized because:

  • Management times are reduced.
  • An intelligent exploitation of information is carried out with the possibility of acting in a predictive manner.
  • The paper support is removed.
  • There is an optimized organization of workloads.

Operation of EcoGestor GMAO

EcoGestor GMAO is a maintenance software connected to the Internet and it is available 365 days a year without previous installation (SaaS technology). Different user profiles can be set up depending on the responsibilities of each person within the organization.

This CMMS solution is designed so that its use is completely friendly and intuitive, with the possibility of parameterization, customization of variables and auxiliary tables by the client, completely autonomously. Some of its most outstanding features are:

  • Operations management by integrating work orders.
  • Management of the contracts of external companies.
  • Flat display
  • Fault report management module with the possibility of tracking the faults (preventive maintenance through ranges or maintenance routines and corrective maintenance).
  • Module for the control and management of spare parts and tool reservations in warehouses.
  • Maintenance cost management.
  • Document management (plans, instructions, procedures, PDF documents, images or photographs).
  • Management of workforce and hours (dynamic allocation of workload).
  • Inventory of equipment and facilities, with the possibility of linking files and active geopositioning.
  • Total Life-Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM)
  • Parameterization of tables and variables through customizable auxiliary tables.
  • Activation of expiration date alerts through e-mail.
  • History of maintenance operations.
  • Search and query engine with the possibility of advanced parameterization.
  • Visualization of results through graphs, statistics and indicators.

Mobile app

The offline mobile application of GMAO is a mobility solution for managers and technicians to manage from any place and in a comfortable and simple way all the information necessary to facilitate asset maintenance operations.

You can complete remote orders or manage assignments without an internet connection. In addition, the changes made are automatically saved and synchronized with the web application.

With the offline app of GMAO, times in asset management are speed up, since you can see what the status of work orders is, and useful information is channeled, such as the materials needed to carry out the specified tasks.


Main characteristics of EcoGestor GMAO

This CMMS solution will help you improve several aspects of your company, thanks to its characteristics:


Available online 24x7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


EcoGestor GMAO uses SaaS technology and it does not require the previous installation of external components.


The CMMS solution automatically warns of scheduled maintenance prior to expiration through email.


Secure servers that ensure total confidentiality of the data.


With the mobile app you will have at your disposal anywhere the important information to manage and plan maintenance operations and see their status.


CMMS solution adapted to three languages to facilitate its use when working with companies from other countries


Possibility of making all kinds of consultations to technicians specialized in safety and industrial regulation and prevention of occupational risks.


The program automatically launches work orders to those responsible for carrying out effective preventive maintenance planning and recording and supervising of the corrective maintenance of assets.


Automatic generation of statistics and reports on corrective maintenance, downtimes or performances to facilitate decision making for maintenance managers.


EcoGestor GMAO allows you to manage several companies in the same database and share the same record while applying some data to one or more organizations / companies.

Phases of implementation
The process of implementation of EcoGestor GMAO consists of the following phases:
Initial diagnostic
Custom configuration
Data upload
Start up
Training and advice

Complementary services of EcoGestor GMAO

With the hiring of EcoGestor GMAO, you will have a series of updated services.

CAE integration

EcoGestor GMAO can be integrated with the module that EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores has developed to guarantee prevention in the Coordination of Business Activities. EcoGestor CAE is an online tool backed by senior technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage documentation related to CBA with automated signature control.

Integration with legal module (technical-legal ranges)

Have your legal ranges always updated. EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores places at your disposal its extensive experience in the legal field and in the industrial sector, offering the possibility of implementing and keeping updated all the routines and preventive ranges that derive from industrial regulations (high voltage, pressure equipment, protection regulation against fire, chemical storage, etc.).

Integration with PPE

The CMMS EcoGestor GMAO solution is integrated with the personal protection equipment module (EcoGestor EPIS) to control the delivery and return of personal protection equipment from the same tool. In the inventory, the PPE are related to the risks they cover and all information related to user manuals and related documents is archived. The module can be programmed to send alerts with stock notices.

Legislative service specialized in industrial maintenance

With the CMMS EcoGestor GMAO solution you will also have access to the most complete legislation on maintenance and industrial safety.

Regulatory legal audits

Comprehensive check of all facilities, machines and equipment of your company in order to verify their compliance with the legislation that applies to them and thus obtain a complete view of the state of legislative compliance.

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