EcoGestor GMAO (Computerized Maintenance Management System – CMMS)

Advanced software for the prevention and correction control of the maintenance operations and inspections to be performed in the industrial installations and equipment

EcoGestor GMAO (Computerized Maintenance Management System – CMMS)

The software EcoGestor GMAO is offered by ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores to handle all the aspects related to the maintenance of industrial installations and equipment.

What is EcoGestor GMAO?

EcoGestor GMAO is an advance tool that allows the daily management of the industrial maintenance of any maintenance department, with different display formatsfor the operations (calendars, timesheet, lists).

This maintenance software is connected to the Internet and is available 365 days a year without previous installation (SaaS technology). Different user profiles can be set up depending on the responsibilities of each person within the organization.

How does EcoGestor GMAO work?

EcoGestor GMAO is much more than a tool, as during all the time that it is hired the client will have a personal consultant to give advice and solve any doubt about the handling or implantation of the service, as well as an online technical support.

Designed so that it use is friendly and intuitive, it includes the possibility of parameterization and customization of the variables and auxiliary tables by the client without any need for external help.

  • Advanced maintenance plan, with different options for search and display.
  • Management of the operations by means or work orders
  • Module for the control of repair pieces and stores.
  • It includes both prevention maintenance (by means of maintenance ranges or routines), and correction maintenance (by means of a module for the management of failure reports and the possibility to monitor their evolution).
  • Module for the control and management of tools booking
  • Control of labour force, work hours, requests for external contracts
  • Search and queries engine, including the possibility of advanced parameterization by means of graphics, statistics and indicators.
  • Management of maintenance costs
  • History list of maintenance operations
  • Stock of equipment and installations, including the possibility of linking photos and documents and geo-locate the assets.
  • Parameterization of tables and variables by means of auxiliary tables tailored by the user.
  • Activation of expiration e-mail alerts

Optimize the cost of maintenance with the software EcoGestor GMAO.

Thanks to the software EcoGestor GMAO, you will be able to optimize the cost of maintenanceas it reduces the management time, allows the intelligent exploitation of information and the possibility of predictive actions, removes the paper documents and optimizes workloads in the organization.

Main characteristics of EcoGestor GMAO

The software Ecogestor GMAO will help you improve several aspects of your company, thanks to its characteristics.


Available through the internet 24x7x 365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year)


Saas technology (software as a service). It does not require the installation of external components.


Safe servers to ensure the confidentiality of data.


QR codes allow you to see the state of each installation from mobile devices: smartphone, tablet, etc.


Software adapted to three languages so that it can be used by companies from other countries.


Software adaptado a tres idiomas para facilitar su uso cuando se trabaja con empresas de otros países.


All kinds of questions can be asked to our consultants and senior technicians in occupational health & safety.


The programme automatically generates work orders to the managers.

Additional services of EcoGestor GMAO

When you purchase the service Ecogestor GMAO, you have several additional services:

Parameterization and implementation of the software by an expert consultant

Avoidthe work of implementing a GMAO by purchasing the turnkey start-up: registration of installations, routine settings, parameterization of auxiliary tables.

Your legal ranges always updated

The extensive experience of Envira Ingenieros Asesores in the legal field, especially in the industrial sector, is at your disposal. We can implement and keep updated all your routines and prevention ranges deriving from industrial regulations (high power, pressure equipment, fire protection, storage of chemicals, etc.). No more reading and updating all the industrial regulations: purchase Ecogestor GMAO LEG.

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