Ecogestor EPIS (PPE)

Software for the control and monitoring of Personal Protective Equipment

Ecogestor EPIS (PPE)

EcoGesto EPIS is an innovative software solution to know at any moment the stock of PPE and the supplies delivered to the workers.

What is Ecogestor EPIS?

Companies must guarantee that their workers use adequate personal protective equipment to protect them from any risk for their health or safety that cannot be avoided or limited by means of collective protectionequipment or adopting different measures at work.

First, it is important to display the supplies needed for each workplace and each worker, depending on the risks and personal characteristics of the workers. Ecogestor EPIS is a practical tool to manage efficiently the PPE in an organization, ensuring the control of the storeroom and the deliveries to each worker according to his/her workplace and personal characteristics.

How does Ecogestor EPIS work?

With EcoGestor EPIS the safety manager can integrate in the same tool all the controls related to the delivery of PPE and,in the storeroom,the personal protective equipment can be delivered and returned according to the specifications established.

This tool controls and monitors the storage, delivery and return of all the personal protective equipment. The tools included in this service are the following:


  • Stock of PPE. You can file all the information related to the personal protective equipment, attach documents related, handbooks, etc. The stock of ppe can include the risks covered.
  • Management of PPE. Control of the ppe required, both by worker and by job. The tool relates the information about risks and suggests the PPErequired.
  • Deliveries and returns. You can manage the deliveries and returns of ppe to the workers. There can be multiple deliveries (all ppes to the same worker, all ppes to the same job, etc.).
  • Control of storeroom. You can manage the storeroom with minimum stock alerts and control the departures and entries. You can manage more than one storeroom.
  • Collaborative service. The platform ecogestor epis is a meeting point for all users with any responsibility related to the control of personal protective equipment, from the safety manager to the staff of the storeroom making the deliveries.
  • Integration with ecogestor GMAO. In case you also have ecogestor gmao, each scheduled task allows to see the ppe required and whether the worker has been assigned one.

Advantages of the service Ecogestor EPIS.

Thanks to the software EcoGestor EPIs, the treatment of the personal protective equipmentis centralized in one point, clearly identifying the PPE for each workplace and the personal requirements for each worker. The parameterization of deliveries avoids mistakes in the areas in charge of them, ensures that each person receives the stock appropriate for the tasks to perform, and informs immediately the safety technician. All this favours a decrease in accidents due to an incorrect control of PPE delivered.

Main characteristics of Ecogestor EPIS.

With the software Ecogestor EPIS you will achieve:


Available through the internet 24x7x365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year)


Saas technology (software as a service). It does not require the installation of external components.


Contractors are automatically alerted about all pending questions.


Safe servers to ensure the confidentiality of data.


All the help needed to implement the software.


Software adapted to three languages so that it can be used by companies from other countries.

Additional services of EcoGestor EPIS.

The service includes several additional services:

Training in the handling the application EcoGestor

Advanced "on-site" tailored trainings about the handling of the application. Although the handling of the software is very intuitive, sometimes our clients want to optimize the tool and are thankful to receive training in their own settings.

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