Ecogestor Accidents & Incidents

Software for the control and monitoring of accidents, incidents and reports related

Ecogestor Accidents & Incidents

Ecogestor Accidentes e Incidentes is an online service for the integral management of the accidents and incidents at the work centre.

What is EcoGestor Accidentes e Incidentes?

The law requires of companies a thorough control of accidents at work centres. Controlling these accidents and incidents and monitoring the consequent inquiries lead to discover the reasons behind them and the most critical points in an activity,in order to act upon them and reduce the accident rate.

Ecogestor accidentes e incidentes is an online service to control and monitor accidents and incidents, not only of the organization but also of the external contractors.

How does EcoGestor Accidentes e Incidentes work?

With this software, you can make queries and calculate statistics about all the evolution of the accidents and incidents, as well as all the legal requirements related to the notification, analysis and evolution.

All data are processed for the statistical treatment of occupational accidents and incidents, as well as for the generation of the organization’s accident rates.

  • Accident reports. It documents all the accidents and incidents at the work centre.
  • Urgent communications. When there is a major accident, it generates and sends communications to the people responsible in the organization.
  • Accident inquiries. It registers and controls the inquiries of those accidents that must be investigated due to their importance.
  • Injured workers. It generates queries about the workers injured:ordered by date, monthly lists, with sick leave, without sick leave, etc.
  • Queries and statistics. it displays the main accident rate indicators in the company in a graphical and intuitive way, as well as conclusions about the variables that may be affecting this accident rate.
  • Linked to ecogestor CAE: in case you have also purchased ecogestor coordinaci√≥n de actividadesempresariales (coordination of business activities), it allows to create accident/incident reports with the information about the worker included in CAE.

Advantages of the service Accidentes e Incidentes

Thanks to this service, the registration of all the information about accidents and incidents in the organization is systematized. The staff collecting data about the accident must fill in some predefined fields and all the facts will be completely documented, which substantially improves the treatment of the data in the inquiries and later decision-making processes.

Main characteristics of Ecogestor Accidentes e Incidentes

The software EcoGestor gives you more control of the Accidents and Incidents to reduce accident rates, thanks to its characteristics.


Available through the internet 24x7x365 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).


Saas technology (software as a service). It does not require the installation of external components.


The person in charge receives accident reports, new injured workers, etc.


Safe servers to ensure the confidentiality of data.


All the help needed to implement the software.


Software adapted to three languages so that it can be used by companies from other countries.

Additional services of Ecogestor Accidentes e Incidentes.

The service includes:

Training in the handling the application EcoGestor

Advanced "on-site" tailored trainings about the handling of the application. Although the handling of the software is very intuitive, sometimes our clients want to optimize the tool and are thankful to receive training in their own settings.

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