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ecogestor is a customised modular solution that can be adapted to the needs of the management of your company. It includes several software solutions for an efficient handling of the information and resources related to the variables of the Environment, Quality and Occupational Health & Safety of your organization.


Online solutions to manage the legislation on environment and occupational health & safety, necessary for ISO 14001, EMASand OHSAS 18001 standards. It is a group of online tools for the identification, updating and management of the legislation applicable to an organization by means of a simple questionnaire, valid for 14001, EMAS and OHSAS 18001 certifications.


Webnormas is a reference database for the work of environmental, occupational health and safety, food safety and health technicians. It is a tool necessary to keep updated on legislation and to have all the legislation available online 24x365.


NetEnvira is the department of the company EUROFINS ENVIRA IngenierosAsesores that offers most of its services online. The department staff is a team of professionals committed to the needs of their clients, who offer consulting and outsourcing services in environment, quality and occupational health & safety. NetEnviraalso includes an online training platformwith specific courses developed by our technicians in environment,health & safety and quality.


EDAROPTIMIZA has been developed by the innovation area of the Department of Environmental Control of EUROFINS ENVIRA Ingenieros Asesores. EDAROPTIMIZA enables the simulation of the global energy consumption in a water treatment plant. It is based on an innovative tool for the optimization of water treatment plants, whose application predicts and implements measures for energy savings, keeping and/or improving the level of quality in the treatment process.

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